Stéphanie Plante ... In the ❤️ of our community


I believe in the 15 minute Neighbourhood. Imagine walking out your door and having access to all you need within a 15 minute walk – family doctor, groceries, public transit, schools, daycare, pharmacy, parks, community centres – all the necessities. After many months of consulting with residents of the Ward, I’ve heard your priorities and concerns. As I go door to door during this campaign, ideas and suggestions will be added. Have an idea you think is great? Reach out!

Culture and Arts

We love our thriving arts scene in Rideau-Vanier. Here are the strategies I would advocate for to ensure that our Ward highlights and supports our creative residents.
Work with local community associations....
Work with local community associations to continue funding and promoting free programming in all corners of our riding: Festivales des Sucres, Museoparc, Art in the Park, La Nouvelle Scène, Buskers Fest, movies in parks, Awesome Arts, Rideau Winter Trail, community garage sales, etc
Create opportunities for more art for crosswalks, electrical boxes and of course, murals, and establish a mural festival and mural tours .
Pilot a program with Ottawa Tool Library....
and Ottawa Public Library so people can rent tools with their library cards at their local branches.
In collaboration with local historians, BIA and residents .....
pilot a project that would explain the history, heritage and significance of the names, streets, homes, parks, and murals of Rideau-Vanier 
Invest in the long term viability of the Byward.....

by ensuring funding commitments of the Byward Market Public Realm Plan

Well Being

In Rideau-Vanier we care about our neighbours and welcome people from all walks of life. We live in the best ward in the city and here is how we can make our Ward, and the Nation’s Capital a place where nobody is left behind.

Create a plan for more family doctors. If elected,....

I will form Family Doctor Recruitment Committee that will work with experts and the local Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa to recruit, attract  and retain family doctors in order to combat the shortage of primary care physicians in Rideau-Vanier and across the City. You can read my Op-Ed in the Ottawa Citizen on this issue here.

Availability of free menstrual products and PPE in all City buildings in order to ensure more equitable access to essential care products for all our Ward’s residents
Work with local school trustees...
to open school gyms on the weekends so children have a safe and familiar place to play, especially in the winter.
Begin consultations...
for the new Older Adult Plan. The current one expires at the end of 2022.
Look into increasing programming for children.....
ages 0-5 years including Toy Lending Libraries and playgroups.
Work with local BIAs to....
extend support and advocate for our small businesses so they remain an integral part of our community.
Insist that the city provide a ...

rat baiting program in areas of Rideau-Vanier that require it.


Transit plays a key role in combating climate change. When chatting with residents of Rideau-Vanier (and being a transit rider myself) the following solutions have been identified and I look forward to advocating for them.
Advocate for strategies that get trucks off our downtown streets. Cargo bikes should serve as alternative delivery vehicles.....
A firm timeline, with key benchmarks, from the City as too when all roads in Rideau Vanier can have at least one protected bike lane.
More electric charging stations around the ward and advocate for increased e-vehicle charging infrastructure.
Prioritize pedestrian and school areas for snow clearing.

Climate Crisis

Work with Local Climate Plan

Our nation’s capital, like the rest of the planet, is suffering from impacts of climate change. The city acknowledged in 2019 we are in a climate crisis. Whether it’s floods or record-hot temperatures, events over the last couple of years have reminded us of the urgency to reduce greenhouse gasses. Let’s make ward 12 the ‘greenest’ in the city! Here are some things I will advocate for:


  1. Commit to implementing and giving stable funding to the City’s Climate Change Master, including the City’s Energy Evolution Plan, to ensure the city will hit it’s city wide target to be net-zero by 2050.  I support the city’s investments in this plan, which staff have shown us will yield net-financial benefits in the long run. This includes continuing to invest in actions including retrofitting of residential and commercial buildings to save energy and money, transitioning the city’s zero emission commercial fleets, and making it easier and accessible to charge your electric vehicles in the city. I will also work to help leverage investments from other levels of government and the private sector, to ensure the city’s climate change master plan is implemented.
  2. Commit to promoting to residents and continuing to support incentives to save energy for homeowners  on a cost-recovery basis, such as through the city’s Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program.
  3. Prioritize climate adaptation for the city, to protect people and critical infrastructure. This includes supporting efforts to manage our stormwater through the city’s stormwater management systems and expanded operations. I will also ensure residents are aware of our cooling centres, and support these.
  4. Support efforts to ensure the city hits its target of a 40% tree canopy in every neighbourhood, and through supporting the protection of mature trees through the Tree-Protection By-Law.
Explore the possibility of the City of Ottawa, like many other capitals, to...

become a member of C40 so it is subject to benchmarks and best practices to combat climate change

Work with local charities and

the Free Store to divert fast fashion waste from the Rideau Centre.

Weekly compost and recycling pick up as well as increased garbage, recycling, green and needle bins where required around the Ward.


We need to put into place adequate resources to respond to the many challenges facing our First Nations, Inuit and Métis population in our ward including:
Consult with First Nations and Inuit residents for projects in our Ward
City of Ottawa proclamation and funding to celebrate November 8 (International Inuit Day) and September 30 (Every Child Matters)

Security and Good Governance

Residence of Rideau-Vanier have overcome many obstacles. The following are strategies and projects I will advocate for if I am elected Councillor:
Establish an advisory committee of current and past shelter clients to provide advice to improve shelter for residents and clients.
Mental health supports and options when citizens need first responders.
Passage of anti-hate policies towards health care workers and transit drivers.
Work with Ottawa Police Services so they can better respond to online threats and bullying .
Take part in any multi-jurisdictional, all-hazards emergency management ...
and preparedness initiatives or groups within the National Capital Region (NCR) so as to better protect residents in Rideau-Vanier from threats such as ongoing protests or blockades and climate-related power-outages
Meet regularly with colleagues at all levels along with neighbouring wards to ensure we are collegial.
Hold regular outdoor meetings (or virtual) to hear directly from citizens
Give weekly updates on social media as to goings-on at City Hall and upcoming meetings and important events.
Ensure community associations are consulted on decision-making and important projects.
Crosswalk at the intersection of Dagmar Ave and Alice in Vanier
Hold town hall meetings between Ottawa Fire Services and residents in areas affected by arson.
Set up citizen participation committees, such as....

a youth council, a condo council, an intercultural council and an elders’ council, in order to value diverse experiences and enable groups affected by certain decisions to address issues specifically affecting their segment of the population.

Work with City of Ottawa officials and residents to look into speed bumps…
on Marier Ave, roundabouts where requested by residents and bus stops that protects transit users from the elements.


We need to increase the supply of social, affordable and family housing and developers need to be part of our housing solutions. I endorse the #StartsWithHome campaign from the Alliance to End Homeslessness which you can read about here. Alongside these much needed recommendations, I will also advocate for the following:

Begin discussions with the federal government and other owners of under-used buildings in Rideau-Vanier to see if they can be retrofitted into housing units.
Streamline the process for construction permits ....
and renovation for developers who include heritage conservation, social, family (3 bedroom) and / or geared to income housing in their development plans.
I support the

right of first refusal acquisition strategy so that the city has the right of first purchase on real-estate sales in areas that do not have public housing so we can diversity the Wards that have Ottawa Community Housing.  

Prioritize families living in motels for public housing....

and ensure that large rental companies (CLV, District, etc) dedicate a percentage of their units to low-income earners while charging geared-to-income rents.


I am passionate about la Francophonie and want to ensure the continued flourishing and sustainability of the French language. I will work with our local school councillors to ensure this including doing outreach to parents and residents who wish for their children to learn and master French as well as represent Francophone issues at City Council. I will also work tirelessly to fight against linguistic insecurity in our nation’s capital.
Pass a by-law that all City buildings that fly flags must ...

include the Franco-Ontario flag, including Ottawa Police Service headquarters on Elgin St, the new Ādisōke library.

Ensure parity in children’s books for French and English at Ottawa Public Libraries.
Review of French-language Parks and Recreation programming to ensure that French programming is at par with English
Work with francophone social service organizations to increase french daycare providers in our Ward.


Many residents in Rideau-Vanier rely on parks for their greenspace. Parks are essential for physical and mental health. I want to make Rideau-Vanier the greenest ward by advocating for the following:
Bathrooms and water fountains in our Ward 12 parks
Extended hours for our outdoors pools on hot days
Pilot food kiosks: small stands and outdoor seating to allow so local residents can enjoy the food of local restaurants
Work with residents to create ‘parkettes’ where greenspaces allows for it (end of Charlotte St in Lowertown for example) with benches, community gardens, pollinators and trees.


If you are seeking to connect with your City councillor, Stephanie Plante, please email ( or call (613-580-2482).