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Q&A Document

This document provides a general overview to questions asked to city departments during the March 28th ByWard Market Business Town Hall event. For any further questions as it relates to spring/summer programming in the ByWard Market, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Councillor Plante’s office.

Contact:, 613-580-2400

Q: Is there any provision to include the businesses in North Dal in the new structure?

  • There aren’t businesses that are in and out.
  • There is no more levy, no more municipal services corporation, it is not a BIA.
  • The boundary is fluid and has been drawn to capture the majority of commercial interest in the ByWard Market.

Q: For community and social services, with running all shifts from 8am – 4pm, this creates so many missed opportunities for evening engagements and interventions – why not create a variety of different shifts?

  • Many of our service providers and agencies that the City of Ottawa works with also operate on the 8am – 4pm schedule.
  • However, the city does have other services available with extended hours. For more information, businesses are encouraged to call 3-1-1.

Q: What policing models are there other than intelligent led? Is there a pre-emptive model for example?

  • Intelligence led policing is a model that uses data to focus resources proactively where they are most needed as opposed to a reactive model which is based solely on reacting to calls for service.

Q: How can we [business owners] ensure police response is tracked and escalated to ensure fast response times are achieved in order to keep our staff safe?

  • Ensure that when calling 9-1-1 for police response, callers are painting a clear picture for the call taker in order for them to triage the call appropriately. This includes the emotion of your staff who are calling, the patrons, etc. If they fear for their safety, this should be highlighted to the call taker. Ensure that the caller is not minimizing the individual’s behaviour and clearly describe the violence they are exhibiting (threats, physical actions, etc.)

Q: Is there any updates on the proposed new police station in the ByWard market?

  • Councillor Plante’s office is working in conjunction with Ottawa Police Service to identify potential spots for a police station in the ByWard market and will continue to provide updates as they come along.

Q: Will Café Patio Seating permits allow alcohol service?

  • Alcohol can continue to be served with a Café Seating permit.

Q: Who should we [business owners] call to deploy vehicles to clean our surrounding streets or for specific trucks like the large pressure washer unit?

  • 3-1-1- is the go-to and should be utilized to request these resources.

Q: What is the best way to alert the foot patrols of garage areas in need of attention

  • Call 3-1-1. This line is monitored throughout the day.

Q: What is the rule for amplified noise in the ByWard Market?

  • It is not permitted to amplify sounds without the proper permits issued. Councillor Plante’s office will be working with By-Law and Regulatory Services to review procedures and ensure tickets are being given for violations.